Infinity Forever Luck Charm Leather Rope Drawstring Wrap Bracelet

SYMBOLIC INFINITY DESIGN - The infinity symbol, also referred to as the sideways figure 8 or lemniscate, has over time, become synonymous with loyalty, limitless opportunity, and endless, everlasting love. Parents, grandparents, spouses, siblings, twins, best friends and those with faith and hope will seek out the infinity symbol to signify continuity, eternity and an everlasting relationship.

Product Details

 Infinity Forever Luck Charm Leather rope Drawstring Wrap Bracelet

Infinity Forever Luck Leather rope  Bracelet.jpg

Material:hypoallergenic Alloy + Leather + Crystal

Availaze Size:6.9"(175mm)*0.31"(8mm)to 8.3"(210mm)

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